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What is the delivery time?
✔️ The delivery time for orders ranges from 3 to 21 business days, depending on the number of orders.

Do you issue invoices?
✔️ Yes, we issue an invoice without VAT.

What types of sites do you not position?
✔️ We do not position sites on topics that are illegal under Polish law.

Will I receive a report?
✔️ You will receive a report containing all the links we have created.

The subject of the auction is the creation and publication of articles written in Polish on Polish private domains with .pl or .com.pl extensions, on general topic blogs.

The average DR of the domains where the links will be placed is ~22.

Why is it worth it?

  • You don’t have to do anything; we handle the entire process. We prepare the content and find images for publication.
  • The sites have a very small number of outgoing links.
  • Sites on any topic are accepted and then matched to the appropriate category on the sites.
  • You gain permanent dofollow links; the publications stay on the site forever!
  • Each post has an internal linking system between posts in the given category.
  • Each added post is manually added to Google Search Console within 20 days of article publication, ensuring that the article gets indexed and won’t be a “dead link.” We prioritize natural indexing, but if that
  • doesn’t work, each article is added manually.
  • Each domain is on a separate IP address, which is crucial in the process of website positioning.

What do we need to fulfill the order?

  • The address of your website. If you want two links to appear in the article, please also provide the link to the subpage.
  • The name of the category where the article should be placed.
  • Two keywords under which the link to the site should appear.


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