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What is the delivery time?
✔️ The delivery time for orders ranges from 3 to 21 business days, depending on the number of orders.

Do you issue invoices?
✔️ Yes, we issue an invoice without VAT.

What types of sites do you not position?
✔️ We do not position sites on topics that are illegal under Polish law.

Will I receive a report?
✔️ You will receive a report containing all the links we have created.

Links will be added in content thematically related to the promoted website. All links will pass on link juice to the linked site (100% dofollow).

This database is available only to clients of the company I am working with! (no one else will be able to add entries in it).

In each entry, we can place 3 links, allowing for up to 3000 links.

  • We will acquire strong links from presell pages for you.
  • We will prepare two base texts, each about 2000 characters long.
  • The content will be synonymized so that each publication is different.
  • We will add 100-1000 entries to our group of presell pages.
  • In each entry, we will place 1 to 3 links directing to your website.
  • Each link will be anchored to one of the provided keywords.
  • After completing the service, we will send you a report with direct addresses to the entries.
  • Links from a private database
  • Entries are added by us on presell blogs to which only we have access. This means you will acquire these links only through our service. The domains are regularly renewed and controlled, and some of them are already five years old.
  • Exactly 100-1000 entries and 300 to 3000 links to your site.

For example: To receive 3 links from one article, you need to send 3 URLs. Then, one article is created that contains 3 links, each pointing to a different subpage. If you send one address, you receive 1000 links to your site from 1000 domains/subdomains. If you send 2 addresses, you receive 2000 links from 1000 domains/subdomains. If you send 3 URLs, you receive 3000 links from 1000 domains/subdomains. In the data to the seller, send 3 addresses to receive 3 links in one article.


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